Student Title Journal and doi
Visitor Francisca Justel Crystallisation of copper sulphate pentahydrate from aqueous solution in absence and presence of sodium chloride
F.J.Justel, D.M.Camacho, M.E.Taboada & K.J.Roberts
Journal of Crystal Growth
C#5 Bridgit Etbon Examination of inequivalent wetting on the crystal habit surfaces of RS-ibuprofen using grid-based molecular modelling
I. Rosbottom, J. H. Pickering, B. Etbon, R. B. Hammond & K. J. Roberts
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics
C#4 Brendan Hall Direct Synthesis of Multiplexed Metal-Nanowire-Based Devices by Using Carbon Nanotubes as Vector Templates
Pierrick Clément, Xinzhao Xu, Craig T. Stoppiello, Graham A. Rance, Antonio Attanzio James, N. O’Shea, Robert H. Temperton, Andrei N. Khlobystov, Kevin R. J. Lovelock, Jake M. Seymour, Richard M. Fogarty, Alastair Baker, Richard A. Bourne, Brendan Hall, Thomas W. Chamberlain & Matteo Palma
Angewandte Chemie-International Edition
C#4 Ouassef Nahi A facile method for generating worm-like micelles with controlled lengths and narrow polydispersity
Ouassef Nahi, Olivier J. Cayre, Yi-Yeoun Kim, Andrew J. Smith, Nicholas J. Warren & Fiona C. Meldrum
Chemical Communications
C#4 Ouassef Nahi Influence of the Structure of Block Copolymer Nanoparticles on the Growth of Calcium Carbonate
Yi-Yeoun Kim, Lee A. Fielding, Alexander N. Kulak, Ouassef Nahi, William Mercer, Elizabeth R. Jones, Steven P. Armes & Fiona C. Meldrum
Chemistry of Materials
C#4 Ouassef Nahi Hydroxyl-rich macromolecules enable the bio-inspired synthesis of single crystal nanocomposites
Yi-Yeoun Kim, Robert Darkins, Alexander Broad, Alexander N. Kulak, Mark A. Holden, Ouassef Nahi, Steven P. Armes, Chiu C. Tang, Rebecca F. Thompson, Frederic Marin, Dorothy M. Duffy & Fiona C. Meldrum
Nature Communications
C#3 Jonathan White Decoupling the relative rate of hydrogen uptake via convection and mass transfer by a single catalytic pellet in a scaled down trickle bed reactor
Jonathan P.White, Thomas W.Chamberlain, Richard A.Bourne, David Taylor, Colin Brennan & Frans L.Muller
Chemical Engineering Journal
C#3 Lewis Scott Influence of holdup on gas and particle flow patterns in a spiral jet mill
L. Scott, A.Borissova, A.Burns & M.Ghadiri
Powder Technology
C#3 David Austin Evolving Surface Properties of Stirred Wet Milled Aluminum-Doped Titanium Dioxide: A Discretely Heterogeneous System
David Austin, Ali Hassanpour, Timothy N. Hunter, John Robb, John L. Edwards, Stephen Sutcliffe, Jae W. Lee, and David Harbottle
Powder Technology
Manuscript ID: POWTEC-D-20-01086R1
C#3 Francois Hallac Micro-mechanical properties of single high aspect ratio crystals
FS Hallac, IS Fragkopoulos, SD Connell & FL Muller
C#3 Dewi Ballard Aggregation Behavior of E-SARA Asphaltene Fractions Studied by Small-Angle Neutron Scattering
D. A. Ballard, P. Qiao, B. Cattoz, P. J. Dowding, S. Prevost, M. Alshamsi, T. Charpentier, K. J. Roberts, Z. Xu, & D. Harbottle
Energy & Fuels
C#3 Peter Kaskiewicz Isothermal by Design: An Accelerated Approach to the Prediction of the Crystallizability of Slowly Nucleating Systems
Peter L. Kaskiewicz, Guangyi Xu, Xiaojun Lai, Nicholas J. Warren, Kevin J. Roberts, Colin Morton, Peter Dowding & Neil George
Organic Process Research & Development
C#3 Peter Kaskiewicz Isothermal by Design: Comparison with an Established Isothermal Nucleation Kinetics Analysis Method
Peter L. Kaskiewicz, Thomas D. Turner, Nicholas J. Warren, Colin Morton, Peter J. Dowding, Neil George & Kevin J. Roberts
Chemical Engineering & Technology
C#2 Hanane Abouhakim Mechanically Induced Amorphisation of Diaqua-bis(Omeprazolate)-Magnesium Dihydrate
Hanane Abouhakim, Michael J. Quayle, Stefan T. Norberg, Sten O. Nilsson Lill, Maryam Asachi, Sven L. M. Schroeder, Frans L. Muller & Ali Hassanpour
Crystal Growth and Design
C#2 Hanane Abouhakim The crystal structure, morphology and mechanical properties of diaquabis(omeprazolate)magnesium dihydrate
H. Abouhakim, S. O. Nilsson Lill, M. J. Quayle, S. T. Norberg, A. Hassanpour & C. M. Pask
Acta Crystallographica Section B-Structural Science Crystal Engineering and Materials
C#2 Alexandru Moldovan Crystallographic structure, intermolecular packing energetics, crystal morphology and surface chemistry of Salmeterol Xinafoate (Form I)
Alexandru Moldovan, Ian Rosbottom, Vasuki Ramachandran, Kevin Roberts
Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
C#2 Alexandru Moldovan Evaluation of Force-Field Calculations of Lattice Energies on a Large Public Dataset, Assessment of Pharmaceutical Relevance, and Comparison to Density Functional Theory
Richard L. Marchese Robinson, Dawn Geatches, Chris Morris, Rebecca Mackenzie, Andrew G. P. Maloney, Kevin J. Roberts, Alexandru Moldovan, Ernest Chow, Klimentina Pencheva & Dinesh Ramesh Mirpuri Vatvani
Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling
C#2 Laura Elliott Characterisation of polyphosphate coated aluminium-doped titania nanoparticles during milling
Laura N.Elliott, Juliette S.Behra, Nicole Hondow, Richard A.Bourne, Ali Hassanpour, John L.Edwards, Stephen Sutcliffe & Timothy N.Hunter
Journal of Colloid and Interface Science
C#2 Laura Elliott Salt enhanced solvent relaxation and particle surface area determination via rapid spin-lattice NMR
Laura N.Elliott, Richard A.Bourne, Ali Hassanpour, John L.Edwards, StephenSutcliffe & Timothy N.Hunter
Powder Technology
C#1 Thokozile Kathyola A versatile liquid-jet/sessile droplet system for operando studies of reactions in liquid dispersions and solutions by X-ray absorption spectroscopy
S.-Y. Chang, T. A. Kathyola, E. A. Willneff,  Colin John Willis, P. Wilson, P. J. Dowding,  G. Cibin,  A. B. Kroner, E. J. Shotton O & S. L. M. Schroeder
Reaction Chemistry & Engineering
C#1 Mohammed Jeraal Process-Focused Synthesis, Crystallization, and Physicochemical Characterization of Sodium Lauroyl Isethionate
Mohammed I. Jeraal, Kevin J. Roberts, Ian McRobbie & David Harbottle
ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering
C#1 Mohammed Jeraal Assessment of the Thermal Degradation of Sodium Lauroyl Isethionate Using Predictive Isoconversional Kinetics and a Temperature-Resolved Analysis of Evolved Gases
Mohammed I. Jeraal, Kevin J. Roberts, Ian McRobbie, & David Harbottle
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research
C#1 Robert Hooley Factors affecting electron beam damage in calcite nanoparticles
Rob Hooley, Andy Brown & Rik Brydson
C#1 Robert Hooley A Quantitative Evaluation of Electron Beam Sensitivity in Calcite Nanoparticles
Hooley R, Brown A, Kulak A, Meldrum F & Brydson R.
Journal of Physics: Conference Series
C#1 Paul Lewis Exploring backscattered imaging in low voltage FE-SEM
Lewis P, Micklethwaite S, Harrington J, Dixon M, Brydson R & Hondow N.
Journal of Physics: Conference Series
C#1 Danielle Thomas Morphology and growth of methyl stearate as a function of crystallisation environment
Diana M. Camacho, Kevin J. Roberts, Frans Muller, Danielle Thomas, Iain More & Ken Lewtas
Crystal Growth & Design