Yefeng Li


Yefeng spent 5 years as an application chemist at Vivimed Labs Europe Ltd, Huddersfield and 2 years working in Colour Chemistry at the University of Leeds. He has a range of expertise in colour chemistry, polymer and polymerisation, rheology, dyes and pigments. He also has substantial product formulating experience and is proficient in a wide range of chemical and physical testing techniques.

PhD: Engineering nano-assemblies of inorganic particles

The assembly of fine inorganic particles into granules (10-500 microns) with controlled architectures has advantages in terms of handling, product safety (low dust) and application properties. Examples of where this technology would be of interest to Venator include easily dispersing mechanically robust granules of pigment particles and granules with pore structures optimised for catalytic and photocatalytic applications. The project would involve developing process design strategies for forming nano-assemblies of inorganic particles with the desired properties using hot air drying and within a fluidized spray dryer. Process variables should include the structure of the feed colloidal dispersion, interparticle interactions within the granule and the drying kinetics.

Outreach, training and other activities:

Publications and presentations:

  • Oral presentation at 8th World Congress on Particle Technology, Orlando, Florida, USA 22-26 April 2018

Masters research projects in year 1 of CDT:

  • ‘Characterisation of Catalyst based Particles’ with Dr Ali Hassanpour, Chemical & Process Engineering
  • ‘Transport of Particles across Liquid-Liquid Interfaces’ with Dr Olivier Cayre, Chemical & Process Engineering