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Arturs Pugejs

2.12a, Energy Building
Primary Supervisor
Professor Sven Schroeder, Chemical and Process Engineering
MChem Chemistry with Industrial Experience, Bradford


During the final year of his degree, Arturs undertook an industrial placement at Unilever R&D Deos as analytical chemist. There he gained experience working with analytical tools used for formulation specification creation. In his final year MChem project, he developed a new analytical capability for antiperspirant active ingredient analysis by coupling of HPLC and ICP/OES.
During his time at Unilever, Arturs discovered an interest in the development processes and applications of the complex particulate products that he was analysing. From here, the CP3 CDT seemed like the right choice for the use of his analytical skills in pursuit of his newfound interests.

PhD: Surfactant-mediated Reactive Crystallization of Tailored CaCO3 Particles from W/O Microemulsions

The PhD project is focused on gaining a mechanistic understanding of how a surfactant’s physiochemical properties control the CaCO3 particle properties, during water-in-oil microemulsion synthesis. The aim of the research is to establish guidelines for size, morphology, and polymorph tailored CaCO3 particle synthesis.

Outreach, training and other activities:

  • Beamtime (Diamond Light Source)
  • Be Curious March 2018 (annual University of Leeds science public engagement fair)

Publications and presentations:

  • Poster presentation at Crystallize COST Action CM1402 2018
  • Poster prize at School of Chemical and Process Engineering Research Day Jan 2018

Masters research project in year 1 of CDT:

  • ‘An investigation of asphaltene adsorption on stainless steel’ with Dr David Harbottle, Chemical & Process Engineering