Student Profile

Peter Kaskiewicz

Cohort#3 CP3 CDT Student


I’ve spent the last four years at the University of Leeds, studying an integrated masters in Chemical Engineering. During this time I performed summer research at the university in 2015, where I undertook experimental work to create the metastable form of paracetamol. This involved the use of numerous techniques and various pieces of equipment in order to form the desired product, which I succeeded in doing. Also, I undertook a three week course/university collective on nuclear engineering and clean energy technology at Xiamen University in China. This was completed alongside students and researches from the University of Birmingham, Michigan University and Xiamen University.

For my BEng design project I, as part of a team, designed a plant to manufacture a pharmaceutical drug, R-Flurbiprofen, which involved plant design, equipment design, costing, location, etc. Furthermore, for my integrated masters research project I studied the crystallisation behaviour of biofuel in a fuel representative solvent. This involved understanding the nucleation kinetics and solubility of hexadecane and octadecane, as pure components and binary mixtures, in solution with toluene, in order to better understand the cold flow properties of biodiesel mixed petro diesel fuel.

I’ve started the CDT in Complex Particulate Products and Processes due to my interest in the engineering of crystals and how the effect systems in industries such as pharmaceuticals, fuel, etc. After the CDT I plan on working in industry and hope to become a future industrial leader.

Extramurally, I enjoy many sports and I am an avid gym goer.

Lead Supervisor: Kevin Roberts

PhD Project Title: Prevention of wax nucleation in diesel fuels