Student Profile

Hanane Abouhakim

Cohort#2 CP3 CDT Student


Hanane graduated from the University of Leeds with a Bachelors degree in Chemical Engineering. In her final year she worked on a detergent manufacturing project and gained a deep understanding of all stages involved in the process. Hanane was assigned to design a spray dryer and its auxiliary items such as pumps valves etc., along with studying the kinetics of drying of particles using computer simulation. Over the summer she worked on two projects; water electrocoalesence in order to investigate the behaviour of water droplets under the effect of electric current and salt, and a second part of the project based on determining characteristics of particles using impact tests and particle size distribution analysis.

PhD project: Micronized pharmaceutical powders: a structural and materials science understanding of particle breakage
Industry partner: AstraZeneca
Primary Leeds supervisor: Dr Ali Hassanpour