Student Profile

François Hallac

Cohort#3 CP3 CDT Student


I’ve made my Engineering studies at ESIEE PARIS in France and have a Bachelor degree in Mathematics and Computer Sciences from the UPEM (University of Paris). My Engineering cursus has covered a large scientific education such as in Physics, Biotechnologies and Electronics, and also provided a consistent skillset in the Management field like Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Business Modelling. In 2014 I have done a research project on Memory Form Alloys at the Dusseldorf University of Applied Sciences in Germany.

I’ve worked both as a commercial and scientist in companies such as Boeing, Siemens and Bosch. My end-of-study industrial placement has taken place at Pfizer Uk in the Drug Product Design department where I have been afterwards employed for a year as a Computational Materials Scientist on crystallographic analysis.

In addition to my studies I’ve directed an association, which permitted me to develop Management skills through the production of 20 projects over 2 years. I’ve been awarded the 1st Prize of Management in 2011 from ESIEE PARIS for the production and lead of a collaborative project. I’ve also been part of the Junior Company of my Engineer School and I’m involved in many different activities (artistic, sports) that develop social and team working abilities.

I speak English (TOEIC + IELTS), French, German (12 years study) and Italian (2 years study).

Lead Supervisor: Andrew Bayly

PhD Project Title: Influence of crystal properties on dryer selection