Student Profile

David Austin

Cohort#3 CP3 CDT Student


I’ve just completed a 4 year integrated masters in chemistry prior to starting at the CP3 CDT, during which I did a yearlong placement at one of Solvay’s surfactant manufacturing sites.

The placement year involved working as a process chemist and providing support as deemed necessary to the quality control department. The work included developing, calibrating and troubleshooting quantitative analysis methods on both HPLC and GC equipment, as well as liaising with both the technical director and engineering department working on various process optimisation projects (such as: stability of product, cost and time reduction of the processes).

In terms of undergraduate academic research, I investigated the use of the intramolecular Heck reaction for the synthesis of aryl-indanones, a potential drug scaffold, using in situ formed palladium nanoparticles, with a desire to achieve a greener synthesis due to the utilisation of sugar as a stabiliser of the nanoparticles, reducing the mole percent of palladium necessary in comparison to conventional heterogeneous catalysis.

I desire to work in the CP3 CDT due to the focus on interdisciplinary group study, allowing me to broaden my skillset, and am particularly interested in process development and formulation design. Outside of study my interests lie in sports such as rugby, squash and motorsport.

Lead Supervisor: David Harbottle

PhD Project Title: Physical modeling of milling processes in non-Newtonian systems