Paul Lewis


Paul graduated in 2011 and prior to joining CP3 worked in industry for 2.5 years. His industrial experience includes working for INEOS Enterprises as an analytical chemist in a NaCl production facility and as a formulation scientist at Unilever, both in home care and personal care categories.

PhD: Crystallisation of wax deodorant sticks

Cooling process can have a great impact on the crystalline wax materials. Although industry has significantly improved their products with advances of technology, the optimised physical properties of such a type of material are still difficult to control during the processes. This is due to the lack of fundamental understanding of crystallisation, such as crystal size, shape and polymorphs formed associated process conditions. Furthermore, shear rate also plays an important role during the process of wax crystallisation.
The project investigates fundamental aspects of wax crystallisation process to improve our understanding of relationship between process in terms of physical/chemical conditions and crystalline wax properties, in order for improvement of industrial processability.

Outreach, training and other activities:

  • Co-organiser of student session at CGOM12/BACG 2016
  • Beamtime at Laboratório Nacional de Luz Síncrotron (Brazilian Synchrotron Light Laboratory) May 2018

Publications and presentations:

  • MSc project results at the Micro-Science Microscopy Congress 2015 (MMC2015, published in Journal of Physics: Conference Series;
  • Poster presentation at CGOM12/BACG 2016, Leeds, UK, June 2016
  • Poster presentation at ISIC20, Dublin, Ireland, 3-6 Sept 2017

Masters research projects in year 1 of CDT:

  • ‘Exploring backscatter imaging using low voltage FE-SEM’ with Professor Rik Drummond-Brydson, Chemical & Process Engineering
  • ‘Observing oil droplet spreading using QCM’ with Dr David Harbottle, Chemical & Process Engineering