Student Profile

Thokozile Kathyola

Cohort#1 CP3 CDT Student


Thokozile gained a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from University College London in 2012 and then completed a Master’s in Pharmaceutical Science and Engineering at the University of Leeds. As part of these courses she undertook two group plant design projects, one involved the production of biodiesel and the other the production of the antiretroviral drug Ritonavir, and one individual research project which involved experimentally and theoretically determining the dissolution of ibuprofen in ethanol. She is competent in areas such as equipment design, modelling and experimentation (utilising pharmaceutical analytical techniques such as UV/Vis spectroscopy). She is also confident in applying thermodynamic, process mass and heat transfer concepts to real-life problems.

In terms of extracurricular experience, she did a two month internship in 2013 with the Indian pharmaceutical company Cipla at their formulation plant in Goa, where she gained some valuable knowledge in different aspects of drug manufacturing from formulation to quality assurance.

PhD project: Surfactant mediated control of the internal microstructure of Calcium Carbonate nanoparticles
Industry partner: Infineum
Primary Leeds supervisor: Professor Sven Schroeder