Student Profile

Robert Hooley

Cohort#1 CP3 CDT Student


Rob has undertaken a BSc (Hons) and MSc in the field of materials science, specialising in functional materials and analytical techniques. Rob’s previous research was in the field of electrical ceramics, both characterisation and fabrication. Whilst working through his MSc, his interests in engineering design and process engineering were piqued. This combined with his interest in materials science made applying to CP3 a logical decision.

Rob hopes to transfer his skills from lab scale to the industrial scale, while building and applying his knowledge of materials science to include more chemistry and chemical engineering. This would widen his areas of expertise and make his interests more industrially relevant.

Rob is interested in a career in R&D and the CDT provides valuable insights into R&D processes across a wide spectrum of industry and academia. As such he hopes to get an appreciation of how to best work with industry and academia.

PhD project: Low-dose scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy and spectroscopy of radiation sensitive nanomaterials
Industry partner: FEI
Primary Leeds supervisor: Professor Rik Drummond-Brydson