Student Profile

Jonathan White

Cohort#3 CP3 CDT Student


Before moving onto the CDT in Complex Particulate Products and Processes here at Leeds, I previously studied at Loughborough University where I obtained my BSc in Chemistry. On completion of my undergraduate studies I was awarded with the Clothworkers’ Scholarship, and began studying for my MSc here at the University of Leeds in Polymers, Colourants and Fine Chemical synthesis. Working under Professor Long Lin in the Colour Science Department, my research focused on developing novel reactive disperse dyes that could be used to dye natural fibres using supercritical carbon dioxide as the dyeing medium.

Though my research was centred on purely organic chemistry, I was also fortunate to gain an understanding in formulation science, particularly in particle size, rheology and the process chemistry involved in the manufacture of the formulation. While undertaking my MSc here at Leeds, I relished the challenges and problem based learning that came with academic research and decided that undertaking a PhD was the next career step for me. When searching for potential PhD and CDT opportunities, the multidisciplinary nature and industrial exposure of the CDT CP3 really stood out to me.

Outside of academia I’m a keen cyclist and casual squash player, who likes to spend as much time outside as possible.

Lead Supervisor: Frans Muller

PhD Project Title: Automated Kinetics of Hydrogenation Processes in concurrent Trickle bed reactors