Student Profile

Bridgit Etbon

Cohort#3 CP3 CDT Student


I have spent 4 years in The University of Bradford studying for an integrated Masters in Chemistry. In the master’s year of my degree, I completed a full time placement with CrystecPharma, working as an analytical scientist. I spent my time designing and performing SCF (supercritical fluid) experiments on API’s and analysing the powders using various equipment such as powder x-ray diffraction, scanning electron microscopy, differential scanning calorimetry and thermal gravimetric analysis. For my maters project I investigated the use of SCF technology for the generation of particles suitable for direct compression. This experience gave me an insight into the pharmaceutical industry and all the challenges surrounding the development of an innovative idea into a marketable product.

I have joined the CDT CP3 to gain deeper understanding of particulate products not only in the pharmaceutical industry but other sectors where the formulation of complex particulate products are important. The chance to be able to interact with and learn from fellow scientists from different disciplines is exciting and will definitely help me in becoming a well-rounded scientist.