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Arturs Pugejs

Cohort#3 CP3 CDT Student


I did my undergraduate MChem degree in Chemistry at University of Bradford. During my final year, I undertook an industrial placement at Unilever. I was working in R&D Deos department and my job responsibilities were to carry out  quality tests on already existing products, as well as creation of core formulation designs (CFD’s) for new products. My MChem project was focused on developing a novel antiperspirant analysis method using size exclusion chromatography (SEC) directly connected to inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometer (ICP/OES). The industrial experience at Unilever made me interested in new product design. I also became aware of the vast applications of complex particulate products and research opportunities in the field. CDT CP3 seemed like the logical next step for my career.

Currently I am working on MSc research project with a title “Stability of asphaltene films in harsh environments”. I am going to investigate the dynamics of asphaltene adsorption on stainless steel surfaces using QCM-D, and elucidate their structure employing such analytical tools as FTIR, ESI-MS, and ICP-MS. In addition, I will determine their solubility in different solvents. This project is run in collaboration with Infeneum and it will be used to guide thinking towards the development of new chemical inhibitors that are used to alleviate issues associated with asphaltene deposition during crude oil extraction and processing.

Lead Supervisor: Sven Schroeder

PhD Project: Surfactant directed changes in polymorphism in calcium carbonate