Student Profile

Alexandru Moldovan

Cohort#2 CP3 CDT Student


Having graduated from the University of Huddersfield with a Master of Chemistry in Chemistry with Industrial Experience, Alexandru came to Leeds to explore the particulates and materials aspects of chemical engineering. During his time at Huddersfield, Alexandru spent a year in industry with Lonza in their Microbial control division working in R&D for methods of analysis working primarily with HPLCs and XRFs.

As part of Alexandru’s master’s final year project, he ventured into the world of computational chemistry and found himself loving every second of it. Alexandru carried out a study into a solid oxide fuel cell electrolyte material based on an apatite structure and created a computational model that allowed the study of defects within the lattice.

His other passions involve surfing, rock climbing and photography. Having taught himself photography 6 years ago, Alexandru has developed his own brand and a portfolio within portrait/conceptual photography, which has been published internationally in a few different magazines. He tackles all his passions with the same attitude of curiosity and exploration for more knowledge and enjoy collaborating with new people from different backgrounds.

PhD project: Drug product design utilising crystal structure information
Industry partner: Pfizer (& CCDC)
Primary Leeds supervisor: Dr Simon Connell