Student Profile

Alex Hawes

Cohort#3 CP3 CDT Student


In 2009 Alex graduated from Keele University with a dual honours with a major in physics and a minor in chemistry before returning to higher education in 2014 where he joined the physical chemistry department at the University of York and undertook a Masters by Research.

The title of the thesis was ‘Linking Lasers and Mass Spectrometers: Investigating CID+UV as a New Fragmentation Tool for Analytical Chemistry of Biomolecules’ and involved the use of lasers coupled with mass spectrometers to investigate the potential for a new fragmentation tool for the use of analysing the structure of biomolecules.

In the time between Keele and York Alex was dedicated to advancing his knowledge and skills in the scientific fields and was employed in a range of areas covering two high schools as a laboratory technician and two industrial companies, one in timber treatment and the other in pharmaceutical product testing.

Project Supervisor: Xiaojun Lai

PhD Project: Thermodynamic and kinetic study for co-crystal formation and transformation