Student Profile

Abdulrehman S. Ajina

Cohort#1 Incorporated Student


Abdulrehman was sponsored by Saudi Aramco to pursue a BSc degree in chemistry at Aston University (2007-2011). Following his graduation, he was assigned as a lab scientist in the research and development centre under the technical services division. During his stay at the R&D, he managed to handle several petroleum characterization projects, fuel studies, and short-term analytical services requests. He was in direct contact with different organizations including refineries, bulk plants, producing facilities, and planning departments. As part of Abdulrehman’s career plan, he was heavily involved in the fuel additives research projects. He contributed significantly to the “Gasoline Detergency Program” as he was responsible for the communication with international vendors, engine testing laboratories, and executing in-house lab scale experiments. In September 2013, he started his one-year field assignment at Jeddah Refinery. Over the year, he managed to fulfil the requirements of being a contact engineer for the crude distillation units as well as the gasoline treatment units (Platformer, Naphtha Hydrotreater, and Merox).

PhD project: Fundamental studies of the nitrogen detergents effects on gum formation from gasoline fuel
Sponsor: Saudi Aramco
Primary Leeds supervisor: Professor Sven Schroeder