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Timothy Hunter


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Dr. Hunter currently supervises 6 research students in total and teaches on 6 taught modules at the University of Leeds in addition to his responsibilities as School Outreach Officer for the School of Chemical and Process Engineering.






Dr. Hunter’s General research interest is focused on multiphase suspension, sludge and slurry processing; as well as interfacial colloidal, soft matter and foam systems.


He is currently engaged in active projects in ultrasonic characterisation techniques; novel inline particle sizing for process control; responsive particle & surfactant stabilised foams and emulsions; novel flotation for effluent treatment; gas hold-up in sediments; slurry settling and sedimentation; flocculation and stability control; sediment erosion and mobilisation; complex suspension rheology; structure-property-process relationships of multiphase chemical products.

Selected publications by Dr. Hunter include:

Rice HP; Fairweather M; Peakall J; Hunter TN; Mahmoud B; Biggs SR Constraints on the functional form of the critical deposition velocity in solid-liquid pipe flow at low solid volume fractionsChemical Engineering Science, vol. 126, pp.759-770. 2015.

Rice HP; Fairweather M; Peakall J; Hunter TN; Mahmoud B; Biggs SR Measurement of particle concentration in horizontal, multiphase pipe flow using acoustic methods: Limiting concentration and the effect of attenuationChemical Engineering Science, vol. 126, pp.745-758. 2015.

Paul N; Hammond RB; Hunter TN; Edmondson M; Maxwell L; Biggs S Synthesis of nuclear waste simulants by reaction precipitation: Formation of caesium phosphomolybdate, zirconium molybdate and morphology modification with citratomolybdate complex.Polyhedron, vol. 89, pp.129-141. 2015.

Rice HP; Fairweather M; Hunter TN; Mahmoud B; Biggs S; Peakall J Measuring particle concentration in multiphase pipe flow using acoustic backscatter: generalization of the dual-frequency inversion methodJournal of the Acoustical Society of America, vol. 136, pp.156-169. 2014

Hunter TN; Peakall J; Unsworth TJ; Acun MH; Keevil G; Rice H; Biggs S The influence of system scale on impinging jet sediment erosion: Observed using novel and standard measurement techniquesChemical Engineering Research and Design, vol. 91, pp.742-734. 2013.