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Professor Kevin Roberts is the director of the Cp3 CDT, and Brotherton Professor of Chemical Engineering at the University of Leeds. He has held a long and distinguished research career in chemical engineering , and is heavily research active. To date Kevin has supervised over 100 early career researchers, supervised 62 PhD and 4 MPhil students, including 15 current students.

Kevin has been the reviewer for 20 learned journals, an external examiner in the UK and abroad for 4 undergraduate programmers and 40 post-graduate programmes. His reach is both nation and international serving a peer reviewer for 13 funding bodies, a member of 11 advisory boards of Journal and Research centers across the globe. He has also served on 48 external review panels such as the EPSRC Process Engineering College.

Kevin has also gained extensive professional recognition including; CEng, FIChemE (accreditation panel (1996-current)), CChem, FRSC, CPhys, FInstP; Membership of British Crystallographic Association (BCA), Society for Chemical Industry (SCI), British Association for Crystal Growth (BACG), BACG Chair (2003-2005), Executive Groups of European Network (ENCG) & International Organisation (IOCG) for Crystal Growth (2006-current).

Professor Roberts currently serves as a secondary supervisor to Mohammed Jeraal and Abdul Ajina from the CDT CP3.

Research Interests

Kevin’s research interests focus on crystallisation science and engineering research directed to meet needs of pharmaceuticals, oil/gas, specialities, fine chemicals & nutritional products sectors. Holding particular focus on organic solid-state & surface chemistry, industrial crystallisation, nano-scale & synthonic engineering design using molecular modelling, synchrotron radiation techniques probing processing in real-time, process analytical techniques (PAT) for reactor control, scale-up of process from laboratory to manufacturing.

As CDT Director Kevin take’s primary responsibility for the work of the CDT, which covers the following areas:

  • The overarching strategic direction of the CDT, and the delivery of Key Performance Indicators outlined by EPSRC, either through the original award documentation, or the EPSRC performance review processes;
  • Chairing of the CDT Management Board;
  • The management of industrial and international partnerships and research collaborations between CDT Members;
  • The operation and management of the CDT in all areas, including but not limited to financial performance, resource allocation (e.g. staff, space, capital equipment), health and safety legislation, marketing, long-term CDT impact, outreach and sustainability strategy;
  • Line management of the CDT Manager, and overall accountability for the work conducted within the CDT Manager’s portfolio.


Some of Kevin’s most recent Publications include;

Chauruka SR; Hassanpour A; Brydson R; Roberts KJ; Ghadiri M; Stitt H Effect of mill type on the size reduction and phase transformation of gamma alumina. Chemical Engineering Science, vol. 134, pp.774-783. 2015.

Ramachandran V; Murnane D; Hammond RB; Pickering J; Roberts KJ; Soufian M; Forbes B; Jaffari S; Martin GP; Collins E; Pencheva K Formulation pre-screening of inhalation powders using computational atom-atom systematic search method. Molecular Pharmaceutics, vol. 12, pp.18-33. 2015.

Camacho DM; Roberts KJ; Lewtas K; More I The crystal morphology and growth rates of triclinic N-docosane crystallising from N-dodecane solutions. Journal of Crystal Growth, vol. 416, pp.47-56. 2015.

Rosbottom I; Roberts KJ; Docherty R The solid state, surface and morphological properties of p-aminobenzoic acid in terms of the strength and directionality of its intermolecular synthons. CrystEngComm, vol. 17, pp.5768-5788. 2015.

Kevin’s Google Scholar Page can be found here.