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Fiona Meldrum

Professor of Inorganic Chemistry

+44 (0)113 343 6414

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Fiona is a Professor of Inorganic Chemistry at the University and member of the Crystallisation and Directed Assembly group. She currently supervises two of our first cohort students (Rob Hooley and Thoko Kathyola), in tandem with other members of academic staff and is also the Director of the Leeds Centre for Crystallization, a newly-established centre for crystallization studies that provides a focus for fundamental and applied research in the field of crystals and crystallization at the University of Leeds.



Professor Meldrum’s research interests fall under the general category of materials chemistry, and are particularly focused on crystal growth. In this context, she examines routes to produce inorganic and organic crystals with defined properties including polymorph, size, morphology, organisation and mechanical properties. Within this topic there is considerable emphasis on biological crystallisation processes, and natural systems such as seashells, bones and teeth are used as an inspiration for the development of novel crystal growth strategies. These experiments also enable us to better understand natural crystal growth phenomena. She is carrying out a broad range of projects, employing analytical techniques including scanning and transmission electron microscopy, Raman microscopy and X-ray diffraction.


Fiona’s group are currently performing research under a number of major themes:

  • Crystallization in Confinement
  • Using Microfluidic Devices to Study Crystallization Processes
  • Crystals with Composite structures
  • Applying Genetic Algorithms to Inorganic Materials Chemistry
  • Crystallization Mechanisms
  • Additive-Directed Crystallisation
  • Structure-Property Relationships of Crystals
  • Crystallisation on Topographically Patterned Subsrates

A link to the University of Leeds Centre for Crystallisation can be found here.

Some of Fiona’s key publications include:

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