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Dr David Harbottle obtained both MEng and PhD degrees in Chemical Engineering from the University of Leeds (UK). He was recently (2014) appointed as Lecturer in the School of Chemical and Process Engineering, University of Leeds, after spending 5 years as a Postdoctoral and Research Fellow in North America at the City College of New York (USA) and the University of Alberta (Canada). Dr Harbottle’s interests are in the fields of colloid and surface science, rheology, and multiphase flows. His activities bridge the micro and macro length scales to address challenging problems in flow assurance. He has extensive knowledge in nuclear waste handling and petroleum processing. He is an author of over 20 scientific articles, 1 patent and 1 book chapter. He was formerly a Director of Rheokinsis Ltd.

Dr. Harbottle supervises Mohammed Jeraal and Yefeng Li in tandem with other academics.

Dr. Harbottle is a member of the Institute of Particle Science and Engineering.

His research interests include:

  • Rheology (bulk, interfacial shear and dilatational)
  • Colloids and surface chemistry (suspensions and emulsions)
  • Adsorption (surfactants and asphaltene science)
  • Fluid dynamics (multiphase flows)

Dr Harbottle is currently supervising the following research students:

Shafeeq Ahmed Solids aggregation in nuclear waste sludge
Johannes Botha The development of novel measurement techniques for the characterisation of intermediate level waste
James Goode The drying of spent nuclear fuel
Emily James Droplet dynamics: Oil droplet attachment and detachment on solid substrates in fluid environments
Michael Johnson Gas retention and release from nuclear legacy waste
Jessica Shiels Flow behaviour of regular shaped particles
John Vickers PIV investigation of impinging jets
Kai Yu Behaviour of polymer-nanoparticle binary system at air-water interfaces
Yuanyuan Zhou The behaviour of responsive-particles at liquid-liquid interface

Some of Dr. Harbottle’s selected publications include:

Li Z; Harbottle D; Pensini E; Ngai T; Richtering W; Xu Z Fundamental Study of Emulsions Stabilized by Soft and Rigid Particles. Langmuir, vol. 31, pp.6282-6288. 2015.

Bi J; Yang F; Harbottle D; Pensini E; Tchoukov P; Simon S; Sjöblom J; Dabros T; Czarnecki J; Liu Q; Xu Z Interfacial Layer Properties of a Polyaromatic Compound and its Role in Stabilizing Water-in-Oil Emulsions. Langmuir, pp.null-null. 2015.

Harbottle D; Liang C; El-Thaher N; Liu Q; Masliyah J; Xu Z Particle-stabilized emulsions in heavy oil processing in: , vol. 2015-January, pp.283-316. 2015.

Tamiz Bakhtiari M; Harbottle D; Curran M; Ng S; Spence J; Siy R; Liu Q; Masliyah J; Xu Z Role of caustic addition in bitumen-clay interactions. Energy and Fuels, vol. 29, pp.58-69. 2015.

Wu C; Wang L; Harbottle D; Masliyah J; Xu Z Studying bubble-particle interactions by zeta potential distribution analysis. Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, vol. 449, pp.399-408. 2015.

Wang C; Harbottle D; Liu Q; Xu Z Current state of fine mineral tailings treatment: A critical review on theory and practice. Minerals Engineering, vol. 58, pp.113-131. 2014.