Double Prize-Winning Team in the Spotlight


Double Prize-Winning Team in the Spotlight

Colleagues from Cohort 1 Mohammed Jeraal and Abdulrehman Ajina took a double dose of glory today, by taking home two of the CDT’s Infineum-sponsored prizes each at the York Symposium event at the National Railway Museum. In a fitting setting for engineers, with huge machines looming over them demonstrating the evolution of one of the most important technological advancements in history, Abdul and Mo were jointly awarded The Infineum Prize for most creative and innovative approach to the academic year’s work. Presented to them by keynote speaker Peter Dowding the duo were awarded the prize for their work on their CAPE5940 module with a dynamic video project.

One victory wasn’t enough for these two star students however, as each took home another separate award for himself.

On top of this achievement, Abdul came out on top in the Infineum poster competition, taking home The Infineum PhD Poster Prize for his excellent and informative poster on “Fundamental Studies of the Effect of Nitrogen Detergents on Gum Formation from Fuels”, supervised by Professor Sven Schroeder. The poster came out on top over other candidates whose projects included; “Eliminating Grit Formation in Synthetic Cosmetic Soaps Bars” and “Surfactant Mediated Control of the Internal Microstructure of Calcium Carbonate Nanoparticles”.

Mo also took a second prize by winning The Infineum PHD Presentation Prize, giving an interesting and thoughtful presentation in spite of illness, and coming out on top overall.

We at the CDT are very proud of our students’ achievements, and look forward to the future recognition that our scholars will undoubtedly garner though their diligent and hard work.

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