Funded through the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) the CP3 CDT is a publically funded organisation, and we take pride in the transparency and engagement, and collaboration opportunities our governance structure provides.

Day-to-day operation

Our CDT is run through a diverse and highly skilled team of academics, technical staff and administrators. Our Director, Deputy Director, and Centre Manager coordinate the day-to-day running of the CDT.

Management Board

Our Management Board meets on a monthly basis, and is composed of a team of leading academics, an industrial representative and is supported by the Centre Manager and Centre Administrative Assistant.

The role of the Management Board is to steer the CDT and decide upon all significant operational and technical matters to ensure the CDT meets its overall targets. The CDT Management Board shall also put in place any structure to manage the CDT that it agrees. In addition, the specific responsibilities of the CDT Management Board include:

  • Developing and reviewing the overall research strategy, with a view to meeting the agreed objectives of the CDT and approve its implementation;
  • Recommending quality standards in terms of experimentation and publication procedures;
  • Advising on overall publication strategy;
  • Considering and approving or disapproving the involvement in the CDT of additional scientists, researchers and industrial participants, and recommending the terms of such involvement;
  • Approving any proposed amendment to the priorities of the CDT;
  • Considering and approving or disapproving any replacements for key personnel involved with the CDT;
  • Agreeing an exploitation strategy, where appropriate.

Industrial Board

The Industrial Board meets twice a year and in composed of industrial partners who are currently fund PhD projects, and plays a key role in the development of PhD projects, as well as advising on our recruitment strategy and the overall running of the CDT.

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board meets annually towards the end of the academic year, acting as our critical friend. The board comprises a panel of leading international academics with subject specific experience. The board advises the CDT Management Board on the appropriateness of the portfolio of CDT projects, suitability of training and the balance of scientific content on the CDT programme. The Advisory Board will also advise on the direction of student recruitment (for example, the skills and backgrounds required).